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Taos Real Estate Group Award, LLC is an established full service Taos NM Real Estate brokerage agency in northern New Mexico. In business since the early 1980s, it is most familiar with the business of Taos New Mexico Real Estate and knows about trends and opportunities and how they pertain to properties in the area.

Our experience and expertise is as follows:



This Taos Real Estate Agency has marketed and sold single-family residences since its inception Included in this have been newly Taos Real Estateconstructed adobe and conventional houses, previously owned homes and unique properties. Because of a strong commitment to community service, this company looks for ways in which to serve moderate-income potential homeowners and we participate in programs tailored for this purpose, such as Habitat for Humanity and affordable housing projects. Additional programs available include TAOS REAL ESTATE GROUP Fine Homes and Estates through which unique properties are marketed or located for interested buyers or sellers.



Much of the vacant land in this area is not privately owned, (US Forest Service, Pueblo lands, etc.), therefore suitable vacant land for home construction is limited in Taos county. Because of its familiarity with this region, this Taos Real Estate company provides valuable services in marketing unimproved real property. Through participation with landowners in subdivision development and marketing of properties, this Taos New Mexico Real Estate firm has acquired valuable skills and experience. Members of this Taos NM Real Estate company have served on committees and commissions dealing with planning and zoning and community long-range vision projects.



We have marketed and sold commercial properties of every type including hospitality, industrial, retail office space and income property. Our ability to perform feasibility and investment return evaluations provides a valuable service to both sellers and potential buyers. Affiliation with the TAOS REAL ESTATE GROUP Recreational Properties and the TAOS REAL ESTATE GROUP Commercial Investment Network allows for extended support. As members of the National Association of Realtors Commercial Investment Real Estate Institute, (our broker Ernest Romero is CCIM certified commercial broker), and the International Real Estate Section, our Taos Real Estate firm offers a wide array of commercial brokerage service available to our clients.

BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES: This Taos Real Estate agency markets and sells business opportunities with and without real property. Services offered include return on investment analyses and evaluations of anticipated cash flows. Our familiarity with the local economy allows us to develop insights about business trends and conditions; information we share with our clients interested in operating or selling a business in Taos.


As an affiliate of the TAOS REAL ESTATE GROUP International brokerage system, we can help you find a broker in your community to sell your home, or find a broker to sell you a property, almost anywhere in the world.

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