Debbie Friday Jagers

Associate Broker

Hi, I’m Debbie!
As a native of New Mexico, and long-time business owner in Taos, I have a unique perspective on living and working here. I have a “Local’s” appreciation for our Arts, Culture, and History and our economy and future development. I have over 35 years of experience in results driven marketing and I am passionate about applying these skills to what is most familiar…my own home town.   I hope to be of particular assistance in starting and buying business properties and opportunities. 

I want to produce RESULTS! Listen first…what is it that YOU want to accomplish?
Plan second…how can I help you achieve your goals? On time and on budget? Act! Get the plan into action!

As a native of Taos, I hope to share the value of unique and historical homes in our area. We are RICH with culture and history and it should be shared and nurtured for generations to come.
With my experience in starting and selling businesses, I hope to be a catalyst in bringing new business opportunities to our community.